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Agriculture 4.0 is expected to attract Turkish young farmers

In Turkey and in the rest of the world, human labor in agriculture is gradually being replaced by machines. Industry 4.0, also mentioned that the fourth Industrial Revolution provides the opportunity to decrease human labor in production and the focus is shifting towards machines. Inevitably, agriculture which is one of the most important sectors in the world is affected by this change.

Prof. Dr. Meltem Onay, from Yasar University’s Management Faculty and Temel Aycan, president of the Aegean Young Businessmen’s Association (EGIFED) assessed the impact of Industry 4.0 on agriculture and they shared their thoughts on “Agriculture 4.0” known as smart agriculture. According to Aycan, when Agriculture 4.0 is fully developed in Turkey, there will be new opportunities for employment. He said: “With smart agriculture, a new generation of farmers will appear. Thanks to young people with university degrees, a new model of knowledgeable farmers is on the way. Young farmers will then implement technology in agriculture.”


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