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How to Get KOSGEB Credit in 5 Steps? (2020 Grant Support)

KOSGEB continues to offer grant loans to entrepreneurs who aim to open a new business in 2020. Grant support will be given to all entrepreneurs older than 18 and it is determined as 60.000 TL for this period. Do you know how to apply for support that will be given at least 10% more to young entrepreneurs under 30 and women, veterans and martyrs?

What are these 5 steps?

  1. You must have a business idea in KOSGEB Supported Sectors (mentioned with NACE codes).
  2. You should get the “Entrepreneurship Certificate” by applying to the Applied Entrepreneurship Training Application.
  3. Establishing your business with your own capital
  4. Apply for KOSGEB “Traditional Entrepreneurship Support Program” and if you have a suitable business idea, apply for “Advanced Entrepreneurship Support Program”
  5. After the application, you have to submit your KOSGEB business plan project.

In the link below the 5 crucial steps for obtaining the support are presented in detail.

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