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Success of Woman Entrepreneur Farmer Elvan Hanım in Silkworm Breeding

Barış Saylak, Direcotr of the Mugla Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, visited Elvan Soydan, mother of three children, who was curious about silkworm breeding while producing flowers for parks and gardens in Köyceğiz Beyobası District. Elvan Soydan, 40, started the silkworm breeding that the family elders had for years. She stated the following: “As a result of my interviews with Kozabirlik, I bought 1 case of larvae with 20 thousand silkworm larvae. First, I provided a suitable environment for the silkworms with my own means. I continued this way for 3 years. In 2017, I received support by applying to the “Young Farmer Support” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. I got the equipment I dreamed of for silkworm breeding with the support I received. The better I look, the bigger the cocoons become. This year I sold the kilogram between 60 and 65 TL.”

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