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Women producers of Marmaris establish a cooperative

Women from different professions come together to establish a cooperative in Marmaris district, Muğla province, Turkey. Skilled women who have turned their homes into workshops sell their products on-line and support each other and, most importantly, family economies.

In the pandemic period, women, who have raised their arms to support their families, mostly involved in the tourism sector, start knitting, make ceramics, design bags, and prepare organic foods at home. These women came together to develop their production and to support the family budget economically.

For the establishment of the cooperative, Ebru Tural, who left everything while working in the tourism sector in Istanbul and settled in Marmaris three years ago, first attempts to provide trainings from the Women’s Labour Assessment Foundation (KEDV). The members of the cooperative, which will comprise about 20 women who have completed the establishment documents, stated that they will start the procedures after receiving the necessary training.


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