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Vakifli village has a museum

The Armenian village Vakıflı is now on the agenda with its museum. Vakıflıköy Museum, created with the original items of mountain villagers, tells its own story. The only Armenian village in Turkey, Vakıflı, Samandağ district of Hatay province, consists of 35 houses and 100 inhabitants. It is one of the places that are different from the usual villages and attracts travellers’ attention. It is a mountain village in the region of Musadağ where agriculture is made. The village is one of the initiatives in the transition to organic agriculture in Turkey and has the awards on organic agriculture. The women of the village established a cooperative in 2005. All of them are in the cooperative with their products. Products such as walnut jam, citrus jam, pomegranate syrup, needle lace are offered for sale in the canteen of the village church under the name of the cooperative and also online selling. A large part of the income is for women and a small part is for the church foundation. Thus, Vakıflı women contribute to both the village and their home economies. The village, which is known for all these features and attracts a high number of visitors, now attracts attention with its museum: “Vakıflıköy Museum.”


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