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Work packages

  • WP1: Management
      1.1 Project management manual
      1.2 Reporting forms
      1.3 Report on factual findings
  • WP2: Quality assurance
      2.1 Quality plan
      2.2 Internal quality assurance reports
      2.3 External evaluation report
  • WP3: Dissemination & exploitation
      3.1 Dissemination strategy and awareness
      3.2 Dissemination promotional materials – Flyer
      3.3 Project website
      3.4 Exploitation strategy
      3.5 Exploitation agreements
      3.6 Exploitation multiplier event
  • WP4 Enhancement of the existing occupation profile of eco-farm managers
      4.1 Enhanced occupational profile / state educational standard for the specialty / profession of veterinary technician / eco-farmer
  • WP5 Development of joint qualification curricula for acquisition and further enhancement of managerial and entrepreneurial competences by young entrepreneurs
  • WP6 Development of assessment standard and pilot implementation
      6.1 Assessment standard
      6.2 National piloting reports & Consolidated piloting report
  • WP7 Development of mobile learning application
      7.1 Online collaborative learning portal and mobile app
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